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Statutory Disclosure on Investor Complaint Status

We are a SEBI registered Investment Advisor with high standards of client care

Investor Charter - Annexure B

Not a single complaint has ever been filed by any investor since inception


Lack of central KYC hinders market participation

Harsh just spent an idyllic week trekking through south west france. His tour organiser could put this together so well because the basic infrastructure already exists. Things like complete Geo marking of every square meter, availability of licensed hotels and taxi services who actually follow the licensing conditions & general cleanliness allowed them to build and deliver excellent packages on top. His article in the Business Standard drawing an analogy to an investors journey where the lack of a basic infrastructure like a centralized KYC has meant that 20 crore indians are involved with crypto/online gaming platforms with real money, ...
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Inheritance tax: An idea doomed to failure

The idea of an inheritance tax or estate duty is bandied about from time to time. It is in human nature to rejoice at the suffering of those who are better off than themselves. Hence it is attractive for political parties that think short term (are there any political parties that are otherwise??) since it impacts a tiny fraction of the population only. Harsh's article in Business Standard on why it is an idea that is doomed to failure.
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Personal Finance

Retirement: Embrace holistic planning

There is more to retirement planning than ensuring enough monetary corpus to last out a long retired life (almost as long as the working career itself). Unfortunately, even corporate executives nearing retirement, do not think about retirement at all and the few who do, concentrate on the monetary resources required for retired life. As the example of my friend Yogesh shows even a well planned retirement plan can have it's twists and turns but is better than none at all. Harsh's article in the business standard. Your comments and suggestions are welcome as always.
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The Fee-Only Edge

360 Degrees Expertise

Proven expertise across investments, taxation, regulations governing foreign investments and remittances, loans and risk management.

Unbiased advise

Fee-Only compensation model means our advise is unbiased

Fiduciary Responsibility

Putting our clients interests above our own is in our DNA. A SEBI registered investment advisor is required by regulations to put the clients’ interest above his own.

Our Services

Comprehensive Financial Planning

The big picture. Risk profiling, determining goals, asset allocation, risk management, monitoring investments,truly comprehensive.

Investment Management

Create smart and calculated investments using our expertise and proprietary tools.

NRI Investment/Remittance/Taxation services

Make informed investments across borders complying with all laws. Remittances and end to end taxation services

Taxation Advisory

End-to-end taxation solutions

Loan consulting

Make the best of what you owe. Save on existing loans and make your funds work in your favour.

Risk Management

Make data and need based analysis to identify your risk requirements along with recommendations on covering yourself, your loved ones and your assets.

Retirement planning

Secure your future with effective investment strategies accounting for inflation and special needs.

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Working in Middle East for the last 20 years

I have been working in the Middle east for the last 20 years continuously and except for short holidays not exceeding 30 days a year……..

Citizenship of UK

I am a non-Indian Origin citizen of UK. I have been working in a permanent job in India since 2005. I have an appropriate work Visa and have not travelled outside India since that time…..

Visa Queries

I am a non-Indian Origin citizen of UK. I have been working in a permanent job in India since 2005. I have an appropriate work Visa and have not travelled outside India since that time.

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