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Statutory Disclosure on Investor Complaint Status

We are a SEBI registered Investment Advisor with high standards of client care

Investor Charter - Annexure B

Not a single complaint has ever been filed by any investor since inception


Weigh the risks of EB-5 citizenship route

Originating in Africa, Humans migrated to the remotest corners of the earth primarily to find food, avoid the threat of deadly predators or the danger from domination by other human species or due to dramatic changes in the climate. There is an intriguing scientific theory that unforced migration is motivated by simple curiosity and boredom, what is often called wanderlust. This is credited to a variation in the human DNA (DRD4-7R) now dubbed the “wanderlust gene”. Present in about 20% of the population, it impacts dopamine levels, increasing the person’s tolerance for risk taking including exploring new territories. Those willing ...
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Personal Finance

Savour the joys of delayed gratification

Its festival time and all of us are besieged with exhortations to Buy! Buy! Buy! with discounted deals and “Buy now Pay later” schemes making it easy on the pocket. Credit artificially expands the amount of money available and reduces the “pain of paying”. This pushes people to satisfy their innate desire for instant gratification which is beautifully explained in this short 90 second video from behavioural economist Dan Ariely of “Predictably Irrational” fame (https://vimeo.com/62116854 ) . My article in Business Standard on the Double AA framework for differentiating between Good loans and Bad loans and how you can use ...
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Curbing one’s competitive streak can be rewarding

Evolution through natural selection favours individuals seeking higher rank in social hierarchy as that allows preferential access to mates, food and other resources. This inherent competitive streak has benefitted humankind through the ages as it is responsible for its progress but it also has negative long term impact. This is bought out best by the character Farhan in "3 Idiots" when he says "you feel bad when your friends flunks but feel even worse when he tops" - https://bit.ly/45MJo3E - It can also be seen when people spend lavishly (way beyond their means) on weddings, holidays or other personal expenses ...
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The Fee-Only Edge

360 Degrees Expertise

Proven expertise across investments, taxation, regulations governing foreign investments and remittances, loans and risk management.

Unbiased advise

Fee-Only compensation model means our advise is unbiased

Fiduciary Responsibility

Putting our clients interests above our own is in our DNA. A SEBI registered investment advisor is required by regulations to put the clients’ interest above his own.

Our Services

Comprehensive Financial Planning

The big picture. Risk profiling, determining goals, asset allocation, risk management, monitoring investments,truly comprehensive.

Investment Management

Create smart and calculated investments using our expertise and proprietary tools.

NRI Investment/Remittance/Taxation services

Make informed investments across borders complying with all laws. Remittances and end to end taxation services

Taxation Advisory

End-to-end taxation solutions

Loan consulting

Make the best of what you owe. Save on existing loans and make your funds work in your favour.

Risk Management

Make data and need based analysis to identify your risk requirements along with recommendations on covering yourself, your loved ones and your assets.

Retirement planning

Secure your future with effective investment strategies accounting for inflation and special needs.

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Working in Middle East for the last 20 years

I have been working in the Middle east for the last 20 years continuously and except for short holidays not exceeding 30 days a year……..

Citizenship of UK

I am a non-Indian Origin citizen of UK. I have been working in a permanent job in India since 2005. I have an appropriate work Visa and have not travelled outside India since that time…..

Visa Queries

I am a non-Indian Origin citizen of UK. I have been working in a permanent job in India since 2005. I have an appropriate work Visa and have not travelled outside India since that time.

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