Central agency needed to curb mis selling menace

Whilst newage investors require protection from unregulated finfluencers there is an urgent need for a centralised investor grievance redressal agency that will provide protection for older investors to whom financial products are mis-sold and their grievances fall through the regulatory gaps. First mooted by the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission ( FSLRC) the expert committee appointed by the Supreme Court (in the Hindenburg report matter) has reiterated the recommendation. Harsh’s article in the Business Standard.

An innovative approach to domestic staff loans

Middle class households are used to giving advances against salary to their domestic staff who do so much to make their day to day life easy.
spurred by a challenge thrown to Harsh by Harsh’s spouse Harsh proposing a solution that can transition these advances (and it’s repayment) to India’s formal credit system giving a big boost to availbility of formal credit to trustworthy low income domestic staff. Please assist in influencing the policy makers to consider the suggestion. It will convince his spouse that he can actually make sensible suggestions in household matters as well :). Harsh’s article in Business Standard today

Leader in tech, laggard in succession systems

India’s ultra modern banking system with global class technology has a creaky antiquated succession system that is causing immense hardship to family members trying to get access to a deceased account holder’s funds. Harsh’s article in Business Standard talks of what needs to be done bring the succession systems on par with the ultra modern technology systems of the banks. your comments welcome as always.

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