Beware! Govts do default on pension liabilities

Employees who are taken in by the promise of old pension scheme could do well to learn from Gandhi ji. In 1942, while the II world war raged, the Cripps Commission made a vague promise of granting Dominion Status after the war was over, if Indians would support the war effort. “I refuse to accept a post dated cheque on a failing bank” Gandhi ji responded. Politicians who are making the promise of restoring the “Old pension scheme” know that they will not be around when the time comes to actually pay the pension. They are just looking to save on making the employers contribution to NPS. The demand for the “Old Pension Scheme” explained through a Fable in Harsh’s article in Business Standard

Leader in tech, laggard in succession systems

India’s ultra modern banking system with global class technology has a creaky antiquated succession system that is causing immense hardship to family members trying to get access to a deceased account holder’s funds. Harsh’s article in Business Standard talks of what needs to be done bring the succession systems on par with the ultra modern technology systems of the banks. your comments welcome as always.

Learn to draw lessons from mistakes, then share them

Harsh narrates, “Many thoughts crossed my mind before I wrote this article on the mistakes I had committed in the past and the invaluable (and expensive) lessons I had drawn from them. I had always used the lessons with our clients without sharing the specific experience as I was apprehensive about client response on the disclosure. I got the courage to share when I heard a podcast by Rick Kahler a US based financial therapist and financial planner where he narrates about how clients relate to him much better after the disclosure. I will await your feedback.”

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