Win or endure? Choose advisor based on goal

A good coach who is coaching you to complete the marathon (not win it) may appear counter intuitive by asking you not be happy about the quick completion of a 10 km practise run quickly or be dejected because you got breatheless when you navigated a uphill stretch during another practise stretch. The coach may instead ask you to concentrate on the speed at which the heart rate returns to normal after the practise run. Similarly an Investment advisory coach helps you ignore the short term gains or losses while working out the right metric to monitor while completing your exercise. Harsh’s article in todays Business Standard on “Why to have a coach who does not help you win”.

Assess your advisor on long-term performance

As an advisory firm we get asked by prospective clients about the indicative returns that they can expect. In this article in business standard, using cricketing analogy, Harsh explore why that is such a counter productive question. The headline is a little misleading. Assess your advisor by how comfortable you feel on your journey towards achieving your financial goals – not by how much returns have been achieved. There is no use achieving high returns if your goals are not achieved. Comments welcome

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