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Retirement: Embrace holistic planning

There is more to retirement planning than ensuring enough monetary corpus to last out a long retired life (almost as long as the working career itself). Unfortunately, even corporate executives nearing retirement, do not think about retirement at all and the few who do, concentrate on the monetary resources required for retired life. As the example of my friend Yogesh shows even a well planned retirement plan can have it’s twists and turns but is better than none at all. Harsh’s article in the business standard. Your comments and suggestions are welcome as always.

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Debt fund growth option: A smart choice for retirees

Growth scheme of a moderately low risk debt fund allows lower tax payment on the income earned as compared to a bank fixed deposit of like maturity even if the interest rates till maturity are similar. This is due to the inherent tax friendly structure. Besides, the Debt MF allows easier encashment and part encashment facilities with no prepayment penalties. Harsh’s article in Business Standard today provides an interesting analogy of a water tank to explain the inherent structural advantage of the growth scheme. look forward to your comments.

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