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Fee Only Investment Advisers LLP (FEE-ONLY) is a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser, SEBI registration Number INA000014836.

FEE-ONLY offers financial planning and investment advisory services using direct plans/non commission earning products wherever available and charges clients a fee for advice.

In addition to financial planning and investment advisory services, FEE-ONLY also provides other services like estate planning solutions, insurance planning, loan services, investments in fixed deposits, RBI Bonds and small saving schemes for which there may be a commission/referral fee earned which would be disclosed if earned by FEE-ONLY.

There is no obligation for clients to use the implementation/ distribution services of FEE-ONLY for the above-mentioned services. FEE-ONLY or any group member/affiliate may earn a commission/brokerage/referral fee when the client chooses to use the above-mentioned services of FEE-ONLY.


Investment policy for FEE-ONLY/Partner’s investments: FEE-ONLY and/or its Partners may invest in various asset classes and/or investment products. This would be based on investment objectives which could be based on, amongst other items liquidity management, asset allocation, time horizon, and risk-return objectives.

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