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Do Borrowers Have Any Rights?

Many people who may have lost their job or suffer from salary cuts. Whilst it has led to large scale suffering at lower income levels there is pain even for the middle classes who may still have support from family and friends and have some realisable assets. My article in the Business Standard on advise I gave to a senior banker friend who recently lost his job. Comments and reactions welcome


When Job Loss Wrecks Your Finance

Education loans have a multiplier effect and in this article I discuss why it makes sense for the government to provide a guarantee for education loans granted for all accredited courses.


Strategy for meeting goals


How to protect your funds from the carnage?

Protecting your downside during the market mayhem


Return is king in real estate

In a high involvement asset like real estate the extra return is an imperative. In this article I discuss whether to stay on rent or buy your own home and the social pressures that make it almost compulsory for most people to buy their homes