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At Fee Only, our services are crafted to envelop every aspect of the financial spectrum. We provide comprehensive financial solutions that are tailor-made to suit every client individually and uniquely. We use our expertise to help our customer’s inch closer to their financial goals. We help you plan for contingencies and develop strategies that can help you build legacies; we are an all-encompassing financial advisory that works with dedication, discipline and quality.


Financial Planning

Give your finances the right shades of success. At Fee Only, we turn your wealth from a blank canvas to a masterpiece. We have expert services spanning across the financial palette.
Our comprehensive wealth management service includes:
Financial Planning
Investment Management
Asset Allocation
Risk Management and Monitoring
Cash Management
Wealth Transfer
Charitable Planning
Tax Advisory

Wealth management is a step-by-step process. Each step takes you a bit closer to your financial goals. Having our expertise on board helps you systematically maximise the financial metrics to make the most of the opportunities available in the market. We use our unique financial modelling process to develop an investment strategy that is customized to your needs.

We mean it when we say ours is an end-to-end financial service, truly 360 degrees. We take care of asset allocations, tax advisory and contingency planning too. Our expertise helps us forecast a rainy day and equips us to provide you with an umbrella that protects your investments.

Investment Management

Our solutions are tailor-made to fit your interests perfectly. Though uncertainty can put a damper on things, we help you make calculated investments while managing uncertainty using our tried and tested proprietary tools. We handle your assets and your liabilities and help you strike a balance between your income and expenditure. We focus on ways and means to protect your capital while devising plans to earn on your investments. Our aim is to create a synergy between your investments and your goals.

Our Process:

  1. Selection: A process backed by thorough research that helps us strike a balance between your investments and your goals.
  2. Monitoring: After selecting your best-suited investments, we monitor the attributes of the product whilst keeping an eye on new products
  3. Rebalancing: Here we make adjustments based on market changes and changing risk profile. This might lead to change in goal status
  4. Exit: We exit the product based on a change in fundamental attributes or change in your interest

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Remittance / Taxation services

NRI Investment

Non-Resident Indians can find investing in India to be a minefield if not tackled correctly. With regulatory laws differing for India and foreign markets, two sets of rulebooks can be incredibly frustrating. Especially when a misstep on one could end up in double taxation. We have taken this into account and will help you navigate the different regulatory landscapes making sense of it all and helping you make investments based on your needs.
Some of the services we extend to our NRI clients include:
Consulting on things that NRIs should do when they visit India
Consulting for things to do for Indian residents emigrating overseas
Consulting for things to do for NRIs returning to India for good
End to end remittance services for remitting sales proceeds of Indian assets
filing Income tax returns in India
Interpretation of specific Double Taxation Avoidance agreement from an Indian perspective
Handling of issues relating to inheritance, Will, etc.
Assistance in opening NRE, NRO and FCNR accounts
End to end

Taxation Advisory

Taxation can sometimes act as an annoying stray mark in an otherwise beautiful painting. We are one of the few financial planners in India who can advise on both investments and taxation. We are adept at advising our clients on how to optimize returns, alleviate taxation and avoid double taxation.

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Loan consultation

We stay informed of all loan products available in the market along with interest rates and offers while advising you on what plan works best for you. Based on your finances, we advise you on fund based or loan based decisions using evidence and projection based data.

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Risk consulting

While risk can be hard to identify, let alone prepare or manage, risk analysis and management is a great equaliser. We help you identify your risk markers to help you understand what risks you may face, manage it and minimize its impact in order to cover yourself and protect your assets.

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Retirement Planning

Retiring is the easy part, but when it comes to retirement financial planning is it best to get the experts on board. That’s where we step in. At Fee Only we use our expertise to steer your finances to an income generation mode that helps you ease your way into retirement.

While it is never too early to start planning for your retirements, your finances are best looked after by our experienced team at Fee Only. We study your financial history and plan for your financial future and allocate funds for investments and savings based on your goals and your retirement expectations. We are mindful of contingencies and work towards developing a plan that protects your best interest. We plan legacies and implement investments that will help you live comfortably post-retirement.

Our advisory module is driven by honesty, transparency and expertise. To each of our clients, the best of these worlds come together to provide unique fitting solutions that help transform their financial dreams into a reality.

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