Month: March 2022

Avoid financial dependence on children post retirement

You are likely to live well into your eighties or nineties & there is a distinct possibility you will spend the last few years of your life being physically dependent on your children. You have an obligation to work on your wellness to minimise that possibility. Like the airline announcement about putting on your own oxygen mask first before helping others, make provision for your own (and your spouse’s) retired life before distributing the deceptively “large” looking retirement kitty among your children. Involve your spouse in every discussion to avoid making the spouse dependent on the children after your death. Also, make a clear will to avoid disputes among your children. On investment of the retirement kitty remember the old saying that a fool and his money is invited to every wedding in town. Make an effort to get invited to the good weddings in town. Don’t be lazy and only choose from the weddings you get invited to. Harsh Roongta’s article in Business standard today

Overseas investment limit of MFs must be hiked now

USD 4 Billion were reportedly invested by retail investors in International equity through Indian mutual fund schemes using up the 7 billion dollar limit set way back in 2008 with unexpected speed. is this increasing popularity of international equity investing making the regulator wary of adding one more drain on the precious forex kitty (like gold which is the second largest item of import in India’s trade basket). Whatever be the reason any delay in increasing these limits causes unnecessary doubts about policy continuity in India. Hopefully increased limits will be released soon

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