Q&A Session – Financial Planning and Investment Advisory #ARIAIAC

Q&A Session Madhabi Puri Buch #SEBI Chairperson and Harsh Roongta Director – #ARIA
In this lively and interesting Q&A session the #SEBI Chairperson answers questions such as :
Do the low number of RIAs worry the regulator and is that in investor interest? Is the regulator is open to having segmented regulations with safeguards? Is a widespread awareness campaign for the proposed centralised fee collection mechanism on the cards? Is regulator willing to re-look at the need for compulsory re-certification every 3 years? Can the qualification and experience needs for a Person Associated with Investment Advise be reduced? Can the requirement for compulsory corporatisation for individuals with more than 150 clients be re-considered?
These and many more questions answered in this lively Q&A session

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