Track finfluencer earnings, and have alot more RIAs

SEBI has an unenviable task of controlling the unregulated finfluencers and also ensuring that there enough RIAs to educate investors . Information on the income of “Finfluencers” is not easily available which may be inhibiting SEBI from taking preventive action against the finfluencers. Harsh suggest a creative use of the IncomeTax Act to providing real time update on the finfluencers to allow the regulator to concentrate its resources on them. Harsh’s article in Business Standard..

Disclosing conflict of interest builds trust

Regulations require that Investment Advisers fully disclose any conflict of interests they have while advising their clients. Far from being an hindrance, a transparent disclosure of the conflict can assist in building the trust of clients. Disclosure of “no conflict” in situations where investors have inbuilt perceptions of conflicts of interest such as referral to Insurance specialists/law firms also help in building trust. Harsh’s article in Business Standard…

Investor education can´t be left to finfluencers

Finfluencers have a large influence on investors which can be used both for educating them but also for misdirecting them. given their larger than life impact on investor education some form of regulation is a must. Many learnings are available from the experiences of Pranjal Kamra a “Finfluencer” with very large fan following whose firm has a RIA License from SEBI. Harsh’s article in Business Standard on how relatively relaxed regulations coupled with a strict scrutiny of those with large number of investor complaints may be one possible route to bring the “finfluencers” within the regulatory ambit but retaining their ability to educate investors. Its a complex issue and Harsh is aware there is no magic bullet solution so this is a suggestion that can be considered along with many others that the regulators must surely be examining.

Podcast – How AA ecosystem can improve reach of investment advice

Harsh’s Podcast and article on AccountAggregator system and how it can help the #InvestmentAdvisory profession shed the tag of being an elitist profession and start catering to the needs of the every Indian who can benefit from the #Fiduciary advise. #AA will bring down the cost and time of collecting authentic data based on client consent and lead to the democratisation of #Investment advice.

Overcaution could stymie investment advisory’s growth

caution leads to safe utilisation of a useful service but overcaution can stifle the service itself. Drawing on the analogy of Strike anywhere matches and safety matches, Harsh’s article in Business Standard on how a overcautious approach can stymie the growth of the investment advisory profession.

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