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Regulation is inadequate protection against greed

A well regulated market is good for any Business or Profession as it imparts confidence to consumers and leads to orderly development of market for that product or service. Overregulation increases compliance costs and drives smaller players out of the market. It also leads to some players shifting to low or zero regulation markets.
Harsh Roongta’s article in Business Standard today. 😀

Run numbers, you may have enough to quit

Many professionals already have the required F*** Y** fund if only they would do the calculations. Like huge elephants who are conditioned to believe they cannot break free from the short ropes that hold them they continue on the treadmill. One of the biggest pleasures of our advisory profession is to see the light go up in our clients eyes as they realise they can pursue the lifestyle that they had been dreaming of. Harsh Roongta’s article in Business Standard today . Your comments are welcome as usual.

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