ARIA-Aspire Summit 2023: Building India For 2030

Introduction and India’s Growth: (0:00 minutes to 5:15 Minutes)

The Original GrowthChampion of India – Mr K V Kamath – ex-chairperson at ICICI Bank , Infosys , New Development Bank (NDB) and Current Chairperson at National Bank of Financing Infrastructure and Development in conversation with Harsh Roongta. He thinks #growth in India may be even higher than what is already widely anticipated as an #amritkaal decade for India.

On Income Inequality (5:16 Minutes to 16:10 Minutes)

On Income inequality – he gives the example of Video Vlogger Saurav Joshi.
They represent a aspirational India rising from the bottom of the pyramid from where growth this time is trickling up. The growth Delta that digitalisation will add has not yet been factored in to the calculations and all that will be happening at the bottom of the Pyramid and trickling up.

Going down in the distributors numbers and Retail participation in long term debt: (16:11 Minutes to 29:28 Minutes)

This presages an increase in number of advisors who can provide personalised services even as the distribution led model is under threat due to digitalisation. Clients are already putting in incremental amounts in Mutual Funds with growth in Aum far outstripping the growth in bank deposits in the last 5 years. Retail participation in long term debt will be led by income generating products such as REITs/Invits which will again fuel the need for advisors.

Turning Personal and Investment Philosophy (29:29 Minutes to 35:00 Minutes)

Turning personal he mentioned how an early lesson in finance from his mother helped him quit smoking and how that lesson has served him well in his career. He mentioned that he has himself used advisers in his personal capacity. He is dissatisfied with cookie cutter approaches such as equity allocation being 100 minus age that required him to put a bulk of his money in “fixed deposits”. Those approaches did not take into account his expenses, his ongoing income and existing corpus. The bulk of his assets were in index funds or ETFs . Advisers will be needed to provide personalised advise was his view.

On White Paper ” Reimagining Nominations – Making Succession smoother and simpler”: (35:01 Minutes to 42:52 Minutes)

The white paper “Reimagining Nominations – making succession smoother and simpler” written by Pramod Rao in his personal capacity and for which he had written a foreword. With the broadening of the wealth base a simplification of the succession process is imperative. He suggested that advisors should expand their services to include assistance in succession . “There is a great opportunity for you to serve clients in this area – It will also be a good practise area for your members”. He appreciated the announcement of a tie up between Association of Registered Investment Advisers (ARIA) and Kotak Life regarding provision of counselling services to the bereaved family members of a deceased policy holder.

Question Answer session: (42:53 Minutes to 54:12 Minutes)

Session Ends.

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