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Simplifying nominations can boost financialisation

Indian securities market regulator SEBI has recently sought public comments on a consultation paper that seeks to comprehensively revamp the entire process of transferring assets to the nominees on the death of the investor. It seeks to remove hurdles and standardise the process so that the transfer to nominees can happen in a few weeks (the dream is the transfer happening in a few days of applying and God willing even that will happen eventually as the system stabilises). The paper also deals with providing access to the investor themselves in case of their incapacitation (unfortunately many such cases are coming up as longevity of Indians increase due to advances in medical science) . This is a giant step towards making Investments in Indian securities market convenient and easy and will aid in spurring the ongoing process of financialisation of household investment assets.

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Mad money: Indulgence that keeps you disciplined

Harsh learnt a valuable lesson when implementing his lifestyle modification regimen – allowing himself controlled amount of cheating on sugar helped him to stick to his otherwise disciplined diet plan. This article in Business standard is on how he used the lesson in his investment advisory practise. Your comments are welcome.

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