Track finfluencer earnings, and have alot more RIAs

SEBI has an unenviable task of controlling the unregulated finfluencers and also ensuring that there enough RIAs to educate investors . Information on the income of “Finfluencers” is not easily available which may be inhibiting SEBI from taking preventive action against the finfluencers. Harsh suggest a creative use of the IncomeTax Act to providing real time update on the finfluencers to allow the regulator to concentrate its resources on them. Harsh’s article in Business Standard..

Limit Section 54 benefit to curb money laundering

Why the price of your flat is so high? The demand from ” Investors” with black money keeps the flat prices high for genuine users. The exemption for long term capital gains under section 54 encourages such money laundering activities. Harsh’s article in Business standard today suggesting how the government can limit the exemption so as to prevent money laundering and at the same time not impact the genuine buyers who may be upgrading their flats. This tax loophole should be closed to bring down the cost of flats for genuine buyers. Your comments are most welcome

Big Data can at times spell trouble for taxpayers

The tax departments initiative to harness the power of big data and automation has already provided several benefits to taxpayers. These steps that reduce tax evasion and make life simpler would , in the normal course, have been welcomed by the honest tax payers. It has already speeded up return processing and issuance of refunds. In the normal course therefore honest taxpayers would welcome this initiative if only…… the implementation process was smoother and the tax department officials attitude was not misaligned (they view taxpayers as evaders unless proven otherwise) with the finance ministers stated view of trusting tax payers unless proven otherwise. Harsh’s article in Business Standard today gives specific examples of the Tax officials misaligned attitude and the smaller implementation issues besides the bungled introduction of the new portal.

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